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St. Mary's BNS

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Where we are located

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School Colours

The school colours are amber & black, the colour of this web site. These colours are used on the the sports jerseys for the various teams in cross country, Athletics, Gaelic football and soccer.



Welcome to the website of St Mary's Boys National School, Monaghan where each pupil's
Dignity is respected,
Talents are encouraged,
Needs are supported.



The school

St Mary's BNS was originally founded by The Christian Brothers in 1866 -over 140 years ago

The old school was in Lakeview and in 1989 we moved into the present building which was the old secondary school. The school was locally known as “The Brothers”

The Brothers Secondary School 1989



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The current enrolment in St. Mary's NS on September 30 2008 was 298 Pupils -

This includes one girl who is enrolled in the Speech and Language unit based in the school.
In recent years our school has taken on an international culture having students from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Russia, Somalia, Nigeria, Croatia, Pakistan, Slovakia in many of our classes.
This variety of cultures and languages provides a unique learning experience for all our students and is indicative of an ever-changing Europe and indeed and ever- changing Ireland






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Symbols are important in Irish society so long as they have meaning. They remind people they are part of a group and also they give people a sense of belonging to that group. In the same way the school crest, which is a symbol of the school, must have meaning if students are to have a sense of belonging to the school.

The crest consists of four images which indicates the areas of school life the students engage in during their time in St. Mary's. The banner contains the phrase Facere et Docere..

meaning do and to teach.